A paddle holster is just an OWB holster combined with a paddle for an easy and secure attachment to your waistband. To use a paddle holster properly and effectively, you must learn how to wear it and make proper adjustments so it stays comfortable and ready. You must also know the advantages and disadvantages of using a paddle holster, so it may help you decide when to use it and when not.

How to Wear a Paddle Holster | Informational Guide 2020

How to Wear a Paddle Holster | Informational Guide 2020A paddle holster is just an OWB holster combined with a paddle for an easy and secure attachment to your waistband. To use a paddle holster properly and effectively, you must learn how to wear it and make proper adjustments so it stays comfortable and ready. You must also know the advantages and disadvantages of using a paddle holster, so it may help you decide when to use it and when not. Here you’ll be reading about all these factors to learn the ins and outs of a paddle holster. We have also handpicked and reviewed the top three paddle holsters on the market, in case you want help with finding and buying one. Our Top Three Picks for Paddle Holsters IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick Fobus Glock GL2E2 Best Fobus paddle holster Passive retention is automatically engaged upon re-holstering Lightweight, adjustable, and open-ended design for overall comfort View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle Fobus paddle holster runner-up Rubberized paddle for better comfort and flexibility while moving Maintenance-free design and can be washed with soap and water "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Preparing for a Paddle Holster Before you can use a paddle holster, you must carry out certain steps to ensure you are prepared properly. This procedure has two sections. First to prepare the weapon and second to prepare the holster. To make it simple, let’s break it into a step by step procedure: Choose an appropriate weapon: If you are preparing for concealed carry, use a smaller subcompact type handgun or any other handgun of your preference will work fine. If you want to use a long-barrelled handgun, you must carry the holster higher on your waist. Check the safety: Before performing any further steps, make sure the weapon is safe to use. Either do a finger check or if you want to work with a loaded pistol, make sure the safety is on and the gun isn’t charged. Remember, safety is the first priority when working with firearms. Setup the paddle holster: While some designs are fully functioning paddle holsters, some have a modular structure to allow switching. In case you have to change the belt attachment and install the paddle to your current holster, use the user manual of your holster and the appropriate tools to perform this operation. Keep the weapon aside: Push the gun inside the holster to check if it gets seated properly. Once you confirm this, put the weapon aside. Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster Wearing Paddle Holsters - What You Need to Know Before you start using a paddle holster, there are certain things you need to know. These factors not only affect the effectiveness of the holster but also your comfort and performance. Always Use a Belt Paddle holsters work on the concept of friction for providing retention. You can use a paddle holster without the belt by just clipping it to the waistband of your concealed carry pants . But using a gun belt will prevent your holster from pulling out. Since the belt provides a raised contour for the paddle to snag into when you apply an upward force to draw the weapon. Additionally, a belt helps keep your pants from sagging under the weight of the holster and the handgun. Carry Angle ​ Most paddle holsters offer an adjustment for cant. A paddle holster itself is a bit inclined outwards to offer a good grip over your weapon. To make it even more effective, you should carry your weapon at the FBI cant (15 degrees forward). When carrying the holster vertically downwards, you first have to pull the weapon up, and then swing your arm towards the target. However, when carried on a cant, you eliminate this extra ‘ up’ movement and aim a bit more quickly over the target. Law enforcer using a paddle holster ( Source ) Ideal Situations: Paddle holsters are ideal for tactical uses as well as everyday concealed carry(EDC). Tactically, they offer a better grip on the weapon and a quicker draw time compared to IWB holsters. That’s why law enforcement officers use it often. Additionally, when coupled with appropriate clothing like jackets or untucked loose shirts, paddle holsters can be concealed easily. Plus, you can also slide and adjust the position of these holsters when you walk, sit, bend, drive, or run. Practice: Always remember that practice makes perfect. You must practice very often with your holster to ensure you react properly when you need it. How To Wear and Adjust a Paddle Holster Using this video demonstration, you’ll learn to make appropriate adjustments to a paddle holster. The holster used in the video for reference is the Alien Gear Cloak Mod paddle holster. You will learn to switch between the paddle and the belt attachment. Additionally, it shows how to adjust the cant and retention of the holster. You also learn the process of changing the holster shell in case you need to use a different firearm with the same paddle. Finally, you will get to know about the process of wearing and adjusting the paddle holster, along with info about the possible and best positions to carry. Paddle Holster Retention Like other holster types, paddle holsters also offer two types of retention; Active and passive. Passive retention relies upon the friction between the holster and the weapon. In some holster types like the leather holsters, the retention entirely depends upon the size of the holster, its inner surface, and its ability to be broken in. However, in some, passive retention can be adjusted using retention screws on the holster. Holsters with passive retention are generally open-ended. Now in regards to active retention, many paddle holsters use extra mechanisms to secure the handgun in place. Some commonly used active retention mechanisms are thumb straps, push buttons, Velcro based holsters, twist locks, etc. Active retention ensures that the gun won't fall out of the holster under any circumstances. Like when walking, running, bending or doing any other strenuous activity. It is always better to choose an active retention holster over a passive one, especially when carrying an OWB paddle holster. Some holsters use a combination of active and passive retention. Most holsters on the market use such retention. This is also known as level 2 retention, where the handgun is secured by a combination of active and passive retention. Moving further, certain manufacturers have also come up with level 3 retention holsters which use one active and two passive retention mechanisms. SERPA CQC Concealment holster features Level 2 retention, passive ( Source ) Advantages and Disadvantages of Paddle Holsters Like any other holsters, paddle holsters too have their set of advantages and disadvantages. Lets look into the details. Advantages Easy to Remove: A paddle holster can be easily removed by simple clipping it out of your waistband. This feature makes it handy for law enforcement officers or people who need to switch between holsters. You also don’t have to undo your belt or pants or make any other wardrobe related adjustments to remove these holsters. Easy to Adjust: To adjust the carry position of a paddle holster, all you have to do is to slide it where you want it positioned. This allows you to change its position appropriately when you sit, walk, or do any other activity. Concealment with Comfort: Paddle holsters can be removed when needed and adjusted easily for their carry position. These factors make them very comfortable to use. Plus, they are also easy to conceal when used with appropriate clothing, which also makes them good for everyday concealed carry. Quick Draw: Being used as OWB, paddle holsters also offer a quicker draw time when compared to other holster types such as tuckable holsters . These holsters are easy to reach, provide a firm grip on your weapon, and let you aim at the target within the quickest time possible. Disadvantages Not Very Secure: A paddle holster can be pulled out of your belt if some extra force is applied. If the holster is not worn properly or someone tries to snatch your gun, the holster might come out. This makes it prone to snatching, unlike IWB and belt loop holsters. Limited Concealment: Although a paddle holster can be concealed with ease, it also limits your wardrobe and concealed carrying space to some extent. You always have to wear an untucked loose shirt or any covering garment like a coat or jacket in order to conceal it. Large Size: Another probable disadvantage with paddle holsters is that they are larger in size, which might create problems with concealment and carrying. These holsters may also not be very comfortable for very slender people. Our "Top Three Picks" for Paddle Holsters Based upon the ideal characteristics, design, material, quality, and service reputation, we have handpicked the top three paddle holsters on the market. These holsters are made from the best materials and are comfortable. Plus the lifetime warranties and customer service associated with them is also commendable. You will surely find a nice one among these for your paddle holster purchase. 1. Best Paddle Holster: "Alien Gear Holsters" Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster This "Alien Gear Cloak" Mod Paddle Holster is probably the most loved paddle holster on the market. The holster is made from thermoplastic, with a secure elastomer to prevent marring the finish. A spring-based, steel flex plate also adds to the retention force of the holster. The holster has a wide paddle which secures it properly to your waistband. You can swap between this paddle and a belt clip attachment which comes along with the hoster. You can also adjust the retention of the holster by adjusting the retention screws. The holster shell can be replaced to fit any other handgun of different frame size. Alien Gear offers a lifetime warranty for each holster, regardless of damage. Plus a lifetime retention shell swaps service means that when your weapon changes, they will send you a replacement shell fit for that weapon in exchange for your current Alien Gear shell. Buy Now 2. Best Fobus Paddle Holster: Fobus Glock GL2E2 This holster from Fobus is probably the most selling paddle holster on the market. The lightweight product features a one-piece holster design with a rubberized paddle to stay soft on your skin. The steel-reinforced rivet attachment system and protective sight channel add to the functionality of the holster. The holster has been made from thermoplastic and can be adjusted for retention using screws. The low-profile design of the holster offers good concealment and reduced printing in most scenarios. The holster is entirely maintenance free and can also be washed when required. The company also offers a full replacement lifetime warranty, so it's a complete a win-win deal for you. Buy Now 3. Best "Fobus Paddle Holster" Runner-up: "Fobus Standard Holster" RH Paddle We included another Fobus paddle holster on our list due to its ideal and exceptional qualities. The holster is quite durable and buying it is quite economical. This holster has been designed for a right-handed shooter and has a rubberized paddle for added comfort. The holster is lightweight and fits most 9mm, .40 and .45 compacts , and full-size weapons. The holster is pretty inexpensive and the lifetime replacement warranty makes it even more desirable. Retention of the holster can be adjusted using the retention screw. The one-piece holster construction is easy to use and eliminates the need for any hardware for set-up. Buy Now Conclusion Paddle holsters are worn OWB and are exceptionally good for tactical and range use, along with everyday carry. Paddle holsters can be easily removed when needed, and are easy to adjust by sliding them over the belt. They can have active or passive retention, and choosing it is a matter of your personal discretion. Paddle holsters are comfortable, offer a quick draw, and can be concealed easily with proper clothing.

Best .450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brakes Buyers Guide for 2020

Best .450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brakes  Buyers Guide for 2020

Recoil—you’ll never completely get rid of it, but many of us are on a constant mission to reduce it as much as possible, especially when using the high-powered .450 Bushmaster. A muzzle brake, sometimes called a recoil compensator, is a great way to do this. When investing in this key component, be sure to understand how they work, what makes a good one, and of course, which are the best on the market. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brakes OUR TOP PICK: Silencerco ASR 450 Bushmaster 3/4-24 Muzzle Brake Next Level Armament "450 Bushmaster Muzzle" Brake 5/8x32 458 SOCOM 450 Competition Muzzle Brake 5/8x32 TPI Muzzle Brake BEST BUDGET OPTION: Glfa Muzzle Brake .450 Bushmaster 11/16"x24 Threads mb450 Caliber Comparison of the Best .450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brakes IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick Silencerco ASR 450 Bushmaster 3/4-24 Muzzle Brake Best 3/4-24 .450 Bushmaster muzzle brake Black oxide finish for long-term durability and resistance Does not add too much weight to the weapon View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews "Next Level Armament" 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake Compact, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing design Large number of vents placed vertically for maximum effect Exceptionally quiet and reduces the barrel lift significantly "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" 5/8x32 458 SOCOM "450 Competition Muzzle" Brake Best runner-up muzzle brake for 450 Bushmaster Angled gas venting ports for better performance Built from machined stainless steel and bears a chrome finish View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews 5/8x32 TPI Muzzle Brake Best .450 Bushmaster muzzle brake 5/8x32 Heavy-duty profile and extra top vents to curb muzzle rise Unique design and durable build quality View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option "Glfa Muzzle Brake" .450 Bushmaster 11/16"x24 Threads mb450 Caliber Best 11/16-24 muzzle brake for .450 Bushmaster Strategically-placed ports for quick venting Blends with black-colored rifles and resists reflection View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Features of a Great 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake Cutting down on the recoil produced by the .450 Bushmaster is obviously the end goal of a muzzle brake, but not all created equal. The very best muzzle brakes will: Reduce Recoil by at Least 50% Not all muzzle brakes will reduce recoil this substantially, so be sure to know how well they work in this fundamental task! Allow You to See Bullet Splash ​ Directly tied to recoil reduction, the ability to see bullet splash is enhanced by a good muzzle brake. Source Increase Accuracy ​ While you won’t see a massive change in your accuracy, a solid muzzle brake will produce noticeable differences. Not Break Your Bank ​ As with all virtually must-have components that produce drastic results in firing, a muzzle brake can get expensive. Naturally, we've rounded up the products that are excellent values. Minimize Noise ​ No, we’re not saying that the muzzle brake will act like a suppressor. Quite the opposite, actually, the muzzle brake will redirect the blast toward the shooter. A great muzzle brake minimizes the effect, although you’ll never get rid of it entirely and you should definitely invest in hearing protection. Quick Take - The Best .450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brakes These are our recommendations for the best . 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brakes: Silencerco ASR 450 Bushmaster 3/4-24 Muzzle Brake Next Level Armament 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake 5/8x32 458 SOCOM 450 Competition Muzzle Brake Review of the Best .450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brakes Now that you know why a muzzle brake is so critical to enjoying your .450 Bushmaster, it’s time to look at the best products on the market. Of course, we point out the ideal customer for each product and reasons it might not be for you. Carefully review the advantages of muzzle brakes and things to consider before scouring over each muzzle brake’s stats to get the best one for you. Best . "Bushmaster Muzzle Brake" Brake 3/4-24: Silencerco ASR 450 Bushmaster 3/4-24 Muzzle Brake CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Superior Stainless Steel Construction Supports One-Handed Attachment of a Suppressor Three Large Ports Provide Excellent Recoil Reduction Black Oxide Finish for Corrosion Resistance and Anti-Reflective Properties Cons Not a Budget Solution, Albeit a Good Value We’re rarely disappointed in products offered by SilencerCo, and for those with a larger budget, this muzzle brake deserves serious consideration. As you’d expect, it’s built from high-quality stainless steel with a black oxide finish for great long-term durability and corrosion resistance, offering a big step up in quality from the budget solutions. Utilizing three large ports, this brake substantially reduces recoil, keeping you on target and allowing quicker recovery between shots for a noticeable improvement over cheaper options. Where it really shines, however, is in the options it provides. It’s easy to suppress your big bore AR-15 with this muzzle brake, as you can easily mount the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 sound suppressor. Additionally, SilencerCo has designed it to function as a quickly attachable or detachable mount compatible with the Hybrid 46 sound suppressor. This attachment functionality is quick and easy, requiring a single hand. While we love the build quality and these extra features, there are some downsides you’ll need to weigh out. First, the price is much higher, which is certainly a fair value in exchange for greater durability and more options. That said, those options also require the use of an additional SilencerCo product, making them negligible otherwise. If you want to use a suppressor, however, this is a strong candidate. This muzzle brake fits any muzzle with a ¾”-24 thread per inch specs. Also, take note that it is only available through Brownells at this time. Bottom Line For those looking to spend a little more than is required of a budget solution, SilencerCo has produced an excellent option for easy compatibility with a suppressor. Runner-up : ​ Next Level Armament Bushmaster Muzzle Brake Brake CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Weighs 2.9 Ounces Adds 2.5” in Length Unbeatable Value for a Muzzle Brake Compatible With Any 11/16” x 24 TPI Barrel Excellent Construction from CNC Machined Stainless Steel Cons Not the Most Premium, but Certainly the Best Value Choosing the best muzzle brakes for the .450 Bushmaster is no easy task, as we had some high expectations. Aside from the usual high-quality build and features, it needed to be affordable. Most gun owners will find themselves needing to take the muzzle brake to the gunsmith, so a low price point is critical to providing a great value. We’re happy to say that Next Level Armament’s Bushmaster Muzzle Brake Brake provides a value that’s an absolute steal. Not only that, but there are no sacrifices on quality here, either. Made from high-quality stainless steel and CNC machined, it does an excellent job of reducing recoil and potential muzzle jump. It is 2.5” long, 0.88” in diameter, and weighs a modest 2.9 ounces. Its length is about standard for muzzle brakes while its weight comes in a bit on the lighter side. Given that many who use the .450 Bushmaster uses longer barrels , the bit of weight that muzzle brakes add might not seem like much but every bit does count when it comes to portability and maneuverability in the field. It utilizes 11/16” x 24 threads per inch and is thus, compatible with the Ruger American Bushmaster rifle or any other barrel with the same thread specs. Overall, it does not have the absolute best performance or reduce the noise effect introduced by muzzle brakes. However, when it comes to value, there is absolutely no beating this muzzle brake. It does an excellent job while being priced affordably enough for anyone in the market for a muzzle brake. Bottom Line When shopping for a muzzle brake, the Next Level Armament Muzzle Brake for .450 Bushmaster is hands down the one of the best values. While there are more premium options, you’ll be hard-pressed to get more bang for your buck. Second Runner-up: ​ 5/8x32 458 SOCOM 450 Competition Muzzle Brake CHECK LATEST PRICE ON EBAY Pros Made in the USA Built From "Machined Stainless Steel" Adds Very Little Weight to Your Build Compatible With Any 5/8” x 32 Thread Per Inch Barrel An Excellent Value Without Sacrificing Quality Performance Cons Available in Limited Quantities, so Be Sure to Act Fast Naturally, each of our choices would have the same virtues of excellent design along with exceptional value. Finding muzzle brakes that meet our tough standards isn’t easy, but we’ve got you covered with an 11/16 x 24 TPI alternative. Thus, coming in at third on our list is the SOCOM .450 Competition Muzzle Brake. Also machined from stainless steel, it provides ample product durability and great performance in reducing recoil and muzzle jump. The stainless steel will provide not only the strength needed to withstand routine and immense pressure, but also resistance from moisture. At three ounces, it will minimally add to your build. While it is very affordable, nonetheless, it is produced in the US, which we always love. Our main concern here is the scarcity of the component, as it is not a mass-produced part. This is always a double-edged sword, as you’ll often receive a superior product with careful attention to quality, but they can be difficult to procure. In short, if you want a quality, but affordable muzzle brake, you should act fast to prevent ending up with a back order. As it is 5/8” x 32 threads per inch, be aware that it is only compatible with barrels that have this same thread specification. Other picks on our list may only be compatible with any 11/16” x 24 TPI barrel, so pick the right muzzle brake for your gun. Bottom Line An excellent value with great performance, this muzzle brake is compatible with any 5/8” x 32 thread per inch barrel, but its availability might be limited, so don’t delay. Best .Bushmaster Muzzle Brake Brake 5/8x32: ​ 5/8x32 TPI Muzzle Brake (Ebay) CHECK LATEST PRICE ON EBAY Pros Includes a Free Crush Washer (For a Limited Time) Individually Crafted by an Independent Manufacturer Exceptional Build Quality From Stainless Steel to Resist Moisture Another Excellent Budget Solution to the Need for a Muzzle Brake Compatible With Ruger Precision Rifles, NEF Single-Shot Rifles, or Any 5/8” x 32 TPI Barrel Cons Available in Limited Quantities, so Don’t Delay! Another excellent option for a muzzle brake threaded to 5/8” x 32 thread per inch specs, Apache Armaments offers this tanker-style muzzle brake at a great price point, too. Compatible with Ruger precision rifles, NEF single-shot rifles, and any other matching this threading spec, it’s a great opportunity to get an affordable muzzle brake without sacrificing quality. Crafted from stainless steel, it not only provides excellent durability but resists moisture and build up. It is also lightweight, at under three ounces, producing a maneuverable weapon and is perfect on a variety of barrel lengths. We also love the fact that not only is this muzzle brake a great value by itself, but Apache Armaments offers volume discounts. Often, such discounts require a large purchase, but in this case, it is available for anyone purchasing three or more. Those who need to outfit a number of weapons or who do builds for others, as well as gunsmiths, take note! Additionally, Apache Armaments offers free shipping. In the field or on the range, you’ll enjoy recoil reduction that is about comparable to our previous entrants on the list. All of this said, as with previous option, it is produced by an independent seller. If you want to take advantage of this excellent price on a great muzzle brake, it would be wise to act fast to prevent a back order. Plus, for a limited time, Apache Armaments is including a free crush washer with orders. Bottom Line Should you have difficulty procuring our other options on the list, Apache Armaments produces an excellent alternative with some nice extras. Best 11/16-24 Muzzle Brake .450 Bushmaster: Glfa Muzzle Brake .450 Bushmaster 11/16"x24 Threads CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Great Value 11/16” x 24 Threads Per Inch A Well-Constructed Muzzle Brake Utilizing Stainless Steel Added Weight May Improve Accuracy and Additionally Reduce Recoil Attractive Black Finish Blends in Seamlessly With Most Rifles and Resists Reflection Cons Added Weight May Reduce Maneuverability GLFA produces some great products for compatibility with .450 Bushmaster, including a barrel we’ve reviewed separately. Naturally, we expected their muzzle brake to perform just as well, and it certainly does. This muzzle brake is 11/16” x 24 threads per inch and made from stainless steel. Contrast this to the 5/8” x 32 threads per inch to be sure you get the proper muzzle brake for your barrel. It is two and three-eighths inches in length. Additionally, it has an attractive black finish that resists reflection, so between the length and the finish, it blends in nicely with your rifle. Also, it weighs just under half a pound, making it heavier than some of the other components on our list. Our runner-up pick, for example, is 2.9 ounces, and this is more than double that weight at 6.4 ounces. Many will argue that this is a matter of preference, and indeed it is. It might not seem that half a pound is substantial, but when it comes to maneuverability, particularly at this spot on the gun, the difference can be felt. So, is the added weight bad? Not necessarily. While it is very difficult to discern, at least in theory, the added weight should increase recoil resistance, which is the entire point of a muzzle brake. That said, in performance, it mostly appears to perform about on par with the other entrants to our list. Lastly, we’d like to point out the price, which once again is markedly cheaper than the muzzle brakes offered by many top manufacturers. Bottom Line ​ GLFA’s muzzle brake stands out not only as a well-constructed product but also with its reflection-resistant black finish and weightier build. Honorable Mention: Bushmaster Muzzle Brake Brake 3/4-24 (Ebay) CHECK LATEST PRICE ON EBAY Pros Excellent "Stainless Steel Construction" Port Design Enhances Recoil Reduction Each Muzzle Brake is Hand-Made and Inspected A Custom-Made Muzzle Brake Available for a Variety of Required Specs Excellent Customer Service to Walk You Through the Customization Process Cons As They are Custom Made, These Muzzle Brakes are a Little Pricier Than Some on Our List Northwest Precision has produced a very deeply thought-out muzzle brake with a lot of specifics that gets an honorable mention as it will be just what some shooters are looking for. Designed by master gunsmith, Chuck McIntosh of Mac’s Gunworks and made right out of Wyoming, each brake is finished upon order for exceptional attention to detail. Each is individually threaded, crowned, custom bored, and contoured by request. This provides the ability to have a fully seamless transition from the barrel to the brake. Why does the custom contour stand out? This is advantageous as it can be specifically fit for a transition from a .850” diameter muzzle to the larger 1.25” brake, for example. Potential outer diameters include .850”, .950”, 1”, and 1.25” while the minimum custom contour diameter is .825”. The muzzle brake features a top reduction port as well as side ports. The lack of a bottom port helps put extra downward pressure, further negating recoil. Each brake is 2.46” long and machined from 416 R stainless steel. Two finishes are available. By default, Northwest Precision uses a belt-sanded polished finish. Alternatively, a media blast can be chosen for a less reflective finish, preferable for stealth hunters. Lastly, because Northwest Precision puts the love for what they do into each muzzle brake, we greatly appreciate that they are incredibly reactive to customer needs and requests. They openly support customer questions, feedback, and interaction throughout the process, greatly reinforcing the custom-made concept that makes their muzzle brakes so notable. Bottom Line For the shooter with exacting needs, Northwest Precision offers a custom-fit solution and top-notch customer service. Benefits of Upgrading Your Bushmaster Muzzle Brake Brake It doesn’t take long after upgrading to .450 Bushmaster capability before realizing the advantages of a muzzle brake. A quality upgrade offers: Recoil Reduction ​ Hands down the most important benefit of a muzzle brake, taming the powerful .450 Bushmaster, enhances field performance, accuracy, and recovery time between shots. Many gun owners are not prepared for the power behind the .450 Bushmaster shot, especially if unaccustomed to shooting with anything but lower-power rounds. Especially for novices, a muzzle brake is virtually a must. Suppressor Support ​ While not all muzzle brakes allow for easy support of a suppressor, some do, and minimizing the noise they produce is a great benefit for many owners. This is particularly important for those who want to shoot in groups or in any area where noise is a concern. Compatibility ​ The market for products that support the .450 Bushmaster is still growing as it gains in popularity but upgrading to a quality muzzle brake from our list ensures maximum compatibility with your rifle setup. Cost ​ Hitting the market without reviewing our guide and round up of products could easily break your bank. If you carefully read our pointers and check out the products we’ve listed, a muzzle brake can actually be quite affordable, and considering the multitude of benefits, it makes it a very wise investment. How to Install Muzzle Brakes Regardless of the muzzle brake you choose, installation is about the same. That said, it can be confusing if you’re not used to modifications or are doing it for the first time, so be sure to read our step-by-step guide and follow along with the included video. As always, be sure your gun is unloaded. Place the upper receiver into a vise to make life easier if you wish. If required by the muzzle brake, install the crush washer. Thread the brake clockwise until it is tight against the washer. Apply torque of between 15 and 20 pounds, starting low and working up. Be sure the muzzle brake is properly aligned with any visual indicators on the model. Depending on the muzzle brake, it may need to be permanently affixed to meet the 16” legal length requirement. As for the last step, be aware that registration and a $200 fee, or “tax stamp”, is required of guns that are legally classified as short-barreled rifles. Thus, along with the barrel itself, you will need to consider how the muzzle brake affects the total length of your gun to keep it at or above 16” in length. Conclusion A muzzle brake is a virtual must for taming the power behind the .450 Bushmaster, especially for those unaccustomed to ammo with such high kick. Without reading our guide, it’s easy to accidentally spend too much. Be sure to keep our guidelines in mind for what makes a great muzzle brake, and pick from our selection of the best brakes on the market today to keep your shots low-recoil and high-accuracy.

Best Glock Reflex and Red Dot Sights 2020 Honest Review

Best Glock Reflex and Red Dot Sights  2020 Honest Review

When it comes to improving your accuracy, especially at the range, nothing beats a reflex or red dot sight for your Glock. But which is more effective and which should you choose? In this article, we look at the difference between the two, as well as the best products on the market of the year. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Glock Reflex and Red Dot Sights OUR TOP PICK: Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black) Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights Leupold 0603-1936 119687 Deltapoint Pro BEST BUDGET OPTION: Ade Advanced Optics RD3-009-2 Red Dot Sights Trijicon - RMR Type 2 RM07 6.5 MOA Adjustable Led Reflex Sight Comparison of the Best Glock Reflex and Red Dot Sights IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick "Burris 300234 Fastfire" III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black) Best overall Glock red dot sight with unmatched accuracy Choose between automatic brightness or 3 manual level settings Versatile sight great for competitions, defense, and practice View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews "Vortex Optics Venom" Red Dot Sights Sturdy and durable aluminum housing with easy-access controls Automatic brightness levels and 10 manual brightness settings Top-load system to change battery without dismounting "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Leupold 0603- "1936 119687 Deltapoint" Pro Motion-sensor technology for automatic deactivation after 5 minutes of inactivity Solid construction and waterproof up to 33 feet for hunting and tactical use Diamond Coat Aspheric Lens improves field of view and clarity View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option "Ade Advanced Optics" RD3-009-2 Red Dot Sights 5 MOA red dot with illumination settings for QTA and accuracy Comes with a Picatinny mounting base and works with other base plates Waterproof design with lenses being shock and fog-resistant View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Trijicon - RMR Type 2 RM07 6.5 MOA Adjustable "Led Reflex Sight" 6.5 MOA red dot for long-range accuracy and easy acquisition 8 easy-to-adjust brightness settings and durable housing Long battery life estimated to be around 4 years View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Reflex Sights vs. Red Dot Sights First, it’s important to understand the difference between reflex sights and red dot sights so you know what you’re getting. Let’s look at the specific qualities of sights and how each differs: Reticle ​ The reflex sight superimposes a reticle on top of targets, which creates more of a simple, 2D picture that’s somewhat quicker to interpret.  Red dot sights present a red dot over your target and are viewed more similarly to traditional iron sights in that regard. Light Conditions ​ Reflex sights generally have brightness levels to increase visibility. Red dot sights do not have this feature. Size ​ Generally speaking, reflex sights are larger than red dot sights. Reflex Sights vs. Red Dot Sights ( Source ) Battery Life ​ Reflex sights require more power, and thus, typically have a much shorter battery life than red dot sights. Precision ​ Reflex sights typically have a range of reticles. Sometimes, you can choose between several and all are extremely precise. Red dot sights are generally five MOA (minutes of angle) and less precise, although they are a substantial improvement over iron sights. Additionally, red dot sights sometimes have the ability to adjust the MOA, affecting the reticle’s size and thus, precision. Simplicity ​ Lastly, reflex sights can quickly become complex, with a range of features and a shorter battery life, whereas a red dot sight has minimal features and can last for up to 50,000 hours, making it a much simpler (and perhaps reliable) instrument. Aspects to Consider When Buying a Reflex or Red Dot Sight As you can see, both have distinct advantages and disadvantages and there is no “right” choice. As is often the case, the best choice is really a matter of your preferences. You should consider: Reliability ​ If you’re not careful, it’s easy for a reflex sight to leave you hanging with a dead battery. Red dots are much less likely to do so with regular changing. Range ​ It’s certainly a generalization, but a red dot sight is likely to be easier to adapt to at mid to long ranges, whereas a reflex sight is perfect for any range, including very long range. Consider how far away you plan on shooting to decide which works best for you. Mid Range ( Source ) Budget ​ This has less to do with the decision between the two types of sight and more to do with the fact that both can range from very affordable to extraordinarily expensive. You’ll often get some amazing features with expensive sights, but sometimes you’re paying for a premium brand more so than quality or features. Quality of Life Features ​ Wouldn’t a unit that automatically adjusts the brightness be great? It would if it’s in your budget. Thankfully, many of our choices are affordable and offer great features like this, but be sure to pay attention to them so you can reap the rewards! Reticle ​ Do you want a triangle? A traditional dot? What MOA makes more sense for you? A pinhead-sized reticle is great for long distance, but may not be appropriate for a lot of close shooting. Quick Take - The "Best Glock Reflex" and Red Dot Sights These are our recommendations for the best reflex and red dot sights for Glocks: Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black) Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights Leupold 0603-1936 119687 Deltapoint Pro Review of the Best Glock Reflex and Red Dot Sights Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to decide what options are right for you, let’s get down to the best of the best. The products we’ve rounded up are top-performers amongst reflexes and red dots, including both budget and premium-quality builds. You’re sure to find the perfect sight for you as long as you keep our advice in mind. 1.​ Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy Installation Top-Accessible Battery Compatible With Front Iron Sights 3 MOA Reticle Provides Great Precision Auto-Brightness Setting Adapts on the Fly to Any Light Conditions Cons No Protective Cover Included The Burris Fastfire III is an excellent choice for a scope, as it offers auto brightness which works exceptionally well at automatically adapting to any light condition. Of course, you can adjust it yourself to three brightness levels or turn it completely off. Additionally, the unit intelligently remembers your last setting, perfect for those long hunting trips where you want to save battery life between shots. The battery is accessed from the top, by the way, which can be a real pain in the rare gun configurations where changing the battery could require a complete uninstallation. As for the reticle, it is a precise three MOA dot. This will take some getting used to for those accustomed to using sights and may require a couple of sessions, but once you are used to it, your accuracy will be spot on. For this unit, there are no adjustments to be made to the reticle, but it works just fine as it is. Installation is quick and easy and most who know what they’re doing could get it up and running in 15 minutes or less. Additionally, once installed, it is compatible with front iron sights. Burris has also provided the ability to adjust windage and elevation on the fly without the use of tools through simple dials on the side of the unit. It’s worth mentioning that it is also available in an eight MOA variety, and with or without a Picatinny mount. Eight MOA would be more ideal for close range, but all other features remain the same. We’d suggest sticking with three MOA for the greater precision and flexibility in range. Overall, there’s not much to dislike here. We’d be nitpicking, but there is no protective cover. The sight is made from hard tempered glass, so that’s not a problem. But during cleaning, if you splash your sight, you’ll have to clean it, even if you weren’t cleaning your sight itself. It would just be nice to be able to cover it when doing routine work on your Glock to keep it from getting dirty. All in all, it’s a great baseline—but high—standard for sights. It operates smoothly, has auto-brightness, and is easy to install. Bottom Line "The Burris Fastfire" III isn’t the most feature-loaded sight, but it offers everything we’d ask for as a baseline standard and delivers those features with exceptional quality. 2. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros 3 or 6 MOA Dot Available Includes Protective Cover Auto Shut-Off for Top-Accessible Battery Light-Filtering Contrast Performs Like Magic on Haze Ten Brightness Levels, as Well as an Auto-Brightness Feature Built Like a Tank to Withstand Water, Grease, Debris, Shock, Fog, and Scratches Cons Performs so Well You’ll Find Yourself Wishing You Also Had Magnification The Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights are very capable sights. Right off the bat, we want to point out that it is designed for any environment, as it is fully waterproofed and can withstand rain, dust, and snow. Additionally, it is sealed against fog and condensation, while the shockproof construction turns it into a veritable tank. An Armortek coating protects the lens from oils and scratches, too. Environmental conditions are further stretched thanks to the ability to adjust between ten brightness levels. Additionally, the Viper High-Density Glass produces exceptional contrast, which is capable of filtering through hazier conditions. Add an auto-brightness setting, and it is a perfect sight for hunting. Picture it like this: you’re out at pre-dawn, with only the faintest ambient light filtering through trees, with half the landscape still blanketed in shadow. The light moisture in the air isn’t noticeable around you, but in the distance, it takes the form of thick, drifting blankets of white. You look through this sight and your picture is as crisp as could be. It truly works like magic. Taking the shot is a piece of cake with a crisp three or six MOA dot. We recommend the three MOA for maximum precision, but the six MOA is fair for those who do more close-range shooting. Additionally, you get tool-free adjustable windage and elevation. Battery life is a solid 14 hours and Vortex Optics estimates it will last 150 hours with the auto shut-off for most users. The battery is accessible from the top. It’s hard to find any downsides here. They’ve even included a protective cover. Our only potential con might be that with performance this great, you’ll want to really stretch your capabilities and may find yourself wishing you had magnification, too. Bottom Line For those who want a premium red dot sight capable of operating like magic in any condition, the Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights are hard to beat without breaking the bank. 3. Leupold 0603-1936 119687 Deltapoint Pro CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Auto-Off Function Preserves Battery Includes An Optional Dovetailed Rear Sight Compatible With Many Other Styles of Guns Designed to Withstand Environmental Conditions Triangular Reticle Provides Exceptionally Fast Targeting Cons Slightly on the Higher-Priced Side, But Not Unreasonable The Leupold Deltapoint Pro is an excellent sight, created to be fully waterproof and fog-proof, with a DiamondCoat abrasion-proof lens. Additionally, it is housed in durable, but lightweight, aircraft aluminum and shrouded by spring steel. As for performance, you get a triangular reticle. This is a specific use case and a matter of taste. A triangle reticle is ideal for shooting at closer ranges up to about 50 yards. The triangle shape is very quick to draw in the eye, as you’ll automatically focus on the wide base and shift to the precise point. That said, some shooters find that going beyond 50 yards is more suited to a precise dot reticle, while others insist that the triangular precision is better—what matters is what you think, so if you’ve never used a triangular reticle, be aware that it’s a never-ending debate. At any rate, Leupold certainly backs up its short-range game. Included is an optional rear iron sight that dovetails into the housing, allowing co-witnessing. This further enhances short-range accuracy. Motion sensors deactivate the unit after five minutes, helping to save battery life. Additionally, the sensor turns back on when motion is detected. Contrast this to other units which need to be manually reactivated. This very intuitive, although it will drain the battery faster compared to those units. The battery, by the way, is super-easy to access from the top, hidden by a spring-loaded compartment that only requires your fingers to open. Lastly, we appreciate that the Deltapoint Pro works on far more than Glocks. If you decide you don’t want it on your Glock, move it to an AR, shotgun, or whatever else you’d like to improve. Our only potential downside is that it’s a tad on the pricier side, although nowhere near outright expensive. You know we always demand value. If you’re looking for a quality triangular reticle-based sight, this is what you’ve been looking for. Bottom Line For those who prefer a triangular reticle or versatility in shooting close, the durable Deltapoint Pro is an excellent choice. 4. Ade Advanced Optics RD3-009-2 Red Dot Sights CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Excellent Value 5 MOA Dot is Crisp Weatherproof Design Easily-Accessible Battery Five Illumination Settings Cons Lacks Many Advanced Features Such as Auto-Brightness or Auto Shut-Off On a budget? By now, you know that we’ve got you covered. Or more specifically, Ade Advanced Optics has your back with this completely weatherproof and shock and fog-resistant unit that goes the distance for anyone who needs quality without spending a lot. You won’t be sacrificing features here, either. You get a crisp five MOA dot and five illumination settings. This provides a clear picture in any lighting condition. Additionally, the lenses aren’t cheap—they offer precision grounding with no discernable parallax. You get full windage and elevation adjustments, which are lockable, and unlimited eye relief. There are no annoying trade-offs. The battery is loaded from the top and easy to access. Installation is straightforward and each part seems to be of consistently high quality, operating smoothly with the Glock during and after loading up. That said, this is a budget solution. It works beautifully for what it is, but you’re not getting an auto-off feature. Nor are you getting any particularly great enhancement to the picture beyond the adjustable lightness. It also will not automatically find the best lightness setting for you, as you will have to do it manually. In short, you’re sacrificing handholding for a unit that costs a fraction of what others do. We think that’s a more than fair offer. If you’re looking for a budget red dot sight that is still high-quality, durable, and weatherproof, Ade Advanced Optics agrees with us that you shouldn’t have to settle. Bottom Line For those on a budget, Ade Advanced Optics provides a red dot sight that maintains high quality standards and performance. 5. Trijicon - RMR Type 2 RM07 6.5 MOA Adjustable Led Reflex Sight CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros One of the Most Reliable Sights Available Great Quality of Life Features Like Audible Windage Automatic Functions Perform to Exacting Standards Simply the Most Premium Reflex Sight for Your Money Excellent Durability and Performance Under Any Conditions Cons You Pay for What You Get (Although We’d Argue You Get a Lot More) For those who demand premium performance, Trijicon is always ready to up your game and you should expect no less from their reflex sight. After all, this is the company that produced ACOG, so you can bet they’ve got some tricks up their sleeves. Let’s start with build quality. As you’d expect, you get a forged aluminum housing that is completely weatherproof. The glass itself is unbelievably clear to the point that even though it’s obviously filtering your view, it seriously looks as though it’s otherwise invisible. That said, it is bullet-proof strong and resists grease and oils. There are eight brightness settings but the automatic brightness works so well that you will likely never use them. The automatic adjustment is seamless and smooth and the eight brightness settings just seem so well-calibrated that you’ll forget there are even gradations to the setting. Additionally, you can easily adjust the brightness of the dot independent of the view, although once again, the automatic function works so well you’ll probably never use it. The dot itself is exceptionally crisp, but it really shines when it’s paired with the auto-brightness settings. Both your view and your reticle are simply perfectly calibrated together to provide maximum clarity. We like a minor innovation, in that the adjustable windage and elevation produces audible clicks. Turn the easy-to-access dial and it produces a very smooth adjustment that you can see and hear. Trijicon is a favorite of law enforcement and the U.S. military and as such, their components are rugged. In testing, this reflex sight holds zero and never flickers over the course of thousands of shots. We’re not suggesting it’s failure-proof, but it’s probably as close as any will come. Bottom Line If you’re willing to spend a little more for a reflex sight that will never let you down and can provide optimum accuracy under any conditions, then rely on Trijicon’s RMR Type 2. Conclusion Deciding between a red dot sight and a reflex sight for your ideal reticle is something of a lifelong battle, with so many great reasons to choose from the many available options. Our guide offers clarity on the value behind those options and rounds out a list of products that cut through the noise of lesser products. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to take your game to the next level. More Glock Buyer Guides Triggers Aftermarket Glock Barrels Compensators Threaded Barrels for Glock 19 Extended Mag Releases Connectors

Getting Over a Crazy Health Month

Getting Over a Crazy Health Month

Every chance I had to shoot this last month and a half something happened health wise to me, or my family, that would keep me off the range and really lowered my ability to post ANYTHING. Check back next weekend for a new post on some new GEAR! Share: Google Twitter Facebook Pinterest Reddit More Tumblr LinkedIn Pocket Email Print

AR Stands for Armalite Rifle in AR-15: Whats an Assault Rifle?

Trending: Best Places to Buy Ammo Online and [Buyer's Guide] 7 Best AR-15s The AR in AR-15 stands for “Armalite Rifle” after the original designing company.  It does not stand for “assault rifle” but is instead a semi-automatic rifle that shoots one time per trigger pull. Follow us as we go over what it doesn’t stand for …plus what is exactly an AR firearm and our favorite picks. A Few of Our Custom AR-15’s Or if we already answered your question…how about The Complete AR-15 Guide or our Beginner’s Guide to Guns ? Table of Contents Loading... What AR Doesn’t Stand For A common misconception is that AR stands for “ assault rifle ,” but that’s not the case.  And no, it doesn’t stand for “automatic rifle” either. For the record, the way states legally define “assault rifles” varies dramatically between states, and journalists have a tendency to basically use “scary looking” as their definition or to act like there’s not a standardized definition at all. The military style appearance of many AR firearms has fed the controversy The easiest definition is that an assault rifle lets you choose between semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes of fire. Semi-auto : one trigger press = PEW Full-auto : one trigger press = PEW PEW PEW (until you let go) The US Army also has a standard definition if something meets all the following conditions: It is capable of selective fire; It has an intermediate-power cartridge: more power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle It has ammunition must be supplied from a detachable box magazine It has an effective range of at least 300 meters (330 yards). Rifles like the AR-15, which is widely cited as an example of an assault rifle, fundamentally fail to meet this definition in that they don’t have selective fire capabilities – they can’t be set to shoot automatically as well as semi-automatically.  Only one trigger press = one shot. A Military M4 vs. Civilian AR-15 Furthermore, new fully automatic firearms have been banned in the United States since the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986, and they aren’t easy to get ahold of illegally for anyone except well-connected career criminals. Ones produced before the ban are still legal, but they command a high cost (think tens of thousands of dollars) and are closely monitored by the ATF. So What Does AR Stand For? In reality, AR stands for ArmaLite rifle .  ArmaLite is the company that originated the design for the AR style of rifle back in the 1950s. And while we’re decoding ARs, the number simply refers to the model number of the rifle, not to a barrel length, capacity, or anything else. A Brief History of ARs An AR-5 The first widely produced AR rifle was the AR-5, a .22 Hornet survival rifle.  It was adopted by the US Air Force as the MA-1 Survival Rifle.  Shortly after, the AR-7, the semi-automatic civilian version of the AR-5, was released, chambered for .22 LR. Both of these guns are still produced today by several companies, including a takedown version of the AR-7 produced by Henry Repeating Arms . Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle 230 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 230 at Brownells Compare prices (3 found) Brownells (See Price) Palmetto State Armory (See Price) Cabela's (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing In the 1950s ArmaLite began designing and producing the AR-10 (shooting the larger 7.62×51)  in small numbers, and in the following decade started producing what is probably the most well known of the AR series of rifles, the AR-15. Colt now owns production rights for both the AR-10 and AR-15.  Learn more in AR-10 vs AR-15 . A Typical AR-15 Next ArmaLite began production on the less expensive AR-16, and AR-17 shotgun and a smaller AR-18 to meet a variety of different needs, but by the 1970s the company ceased rifle production and in 1983 closed completely. An AR-17 Shotgun In 1996 rights to the Armalite company were sold and rifle development and production resumed, leading to the introduction of the AR-10, AR-20, AR-50, and more.  In 2013 the company was again sold, this time to Strategic Armory Corps, who also owns AWC Silencers, Surgeon Rifles, Nexus Ammo, and McMillan Firearms. An AR-20 So Now You Know Now going forward you know better than to believe people who say that ARs are all assault rifles, and you know what an assault rifle actually is. Want to learn more?  Check out our Definitive AR-15 Resource or straight to The Best AR-15s . Or if you want to start with handguns…check out our Beginner Handgun Course . What other misinformation surrounding firearms you like to see set straight?  What questions do you have that you would like answered? Let us know in the comments.

Best Sniper Ghillie Suit Buyers Guide and Reviews

Camouflage is among the basic weapons of war. It’s what makes a difference between a successful and an unsuccessful mission. Camouflage measures are important because they keep you alive in a heavy shootout environment or behind the enemy lines where you’re required to successfully monitor the enemy’s movements without being detected. In A Hurry? This Is The Best: Bestseller No. 1 Red Rock Outdoor Gear - Ghillie Suit, Medium/Large, Woodland 5-Piece Hallie Suit includes: jacket, hood, pants, gun wrap, and stuff sack with carry strap Easy On/Off: Elastic pant waist with drawstring; Elastic jacket cuffs; Adjustable chin strap in hood; Easy snap-closure jacket; Snap-closures at ankles Stitched opening in chillier pants and jacket allows access to pockets underneath Available Sizes: M/L (Chest 42”- 48”; Waist 32” - 38”) LRG/XLRG (Chest 48”- 56”; Waist 38”- 46”) Lightweight and breathable polyester construction; 98% polyester 2% spandex Check Price There are two types of camouflages. These are the natural and artificial camouflages. Natural camouflages include the native vegetation growing in a particular area where a sniper augments his appearance to avoid being noticed. On the other hand, artificial camouflage includes materials which are used to cover something to conceal it while in a mission. A good example of an artificial camouflage is a sniper ghillie suit which is mostly used to cover the sniper and his high caliber gun from being detected by the enemy. How to choose the best sniper ghillie suit Buying a ghillie suit is very easy since they’re the only standing artificial camouflages available in the market. They come in a variety of colors, styles, materials and sizes making it overwhelming when choosing the right type. Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about since this section will guide you on what to look for when choosing the right ghillie suit. How will the ghillie suit be used? Natural jute – it has a smell to it It’s important to first consider your mobility and how you intend to use your woodland ghillie suit. If you intend to use it for paintball and airsoft games, choose a ghillie suit made of synthetic materials . This is because synthetic materials are lighter and compact than natural jute . If you’re using it to fully cover your body and your sniper gun, choose the best ghillie suit which provides full-body camouflage. Type of the outer material The two common types of materials used in stitching sniper ghillie suits are natural jute threads and synthetic threads. Both materials work out well in all types of environments but the synthetic thread has more benefits as compared to the jute thread. They’re washable by hands, odorless, mildew and fire resistant and are non-allergenic. They’re also lightweight and more durable as compared to jute threads. Color pattern Before purchasing your suit, consider the landscape where you intend to use it. You can purchase a desert ghillie suit if you intend to use it in semi-arid areas or a snow ghillie suit if you intend to use it in snowy environments. After noting down what’s  required to blend in, the next step is to review some of the top sniper ghillie suits to make your purchase. Since there are many options to choose from, this article will review some of the best woodland ghillie suits available in the market. Find The Best Ghillie Suit for the Money 2020 Product Name Quality Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit (Editor’s Choice) Best ghillie suit for the money Check Price Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit best overall ghillie suit Check Price BESTHUNTINER Ghillie Suit Camouflage Suit best cheap ghillie suit Check Price Advanced 3D Camo Arcturus "Ghost Ghillie Suit" | Dense, Double-Stitched Design... DENSE, FULL COVERAGE: You'll be hard pressed to find a ghillie suit... BUILT TO LAST: We minimize the shedding that occurs on all ghillie... ADVANCED 3D CAMO: Our Ghost Woodland Ghillie Suit for men is made with... THE REVIEWS SAY IT ALL: We use these suits ourselves so we're... 4 SIZES: Kids (for kids 4'0" to 5'0"), Young Adult (5'1"-5'6"),... Check Price The Ghost Ghillie Suit Advanced 3D Camo is among the best camouflage suits available in the market. This woodland ghillie suit is made of lightweight and breathable material available in green, black, tan and brown colors. The suit has been stitched together with the jacket and the pants making it a full ghillie suit. Some of the features available with this sniper gear include; a double stitched thread for increased durability, four colors to choose from (kids’ size, young adults, regular and extra large) and a light weight of 7 pounds. This best ghillie suit consists of a greenish pattern mixed with some light olive threads to increase durability. The manufacturer has included a camouflage carrying bag and fireproof synthetic thread. Pros Just like its name indicates, the Ghost Ghillie Suit Advanced 3D Camo has a lot of threads which makes you become completely invisible when lying down. Its mix of green and light olive threads makes it perfect for desert and rocky terrains. The elastic drawstrings and stitching of this sniper gear gives users an added comfort when doing what they enjoy most. This woodland ghillie suit is lightweight and comes with a camouflage carrying bag for easy transport. Cons Some customers have complained about the dry grass threads stating that they’re not many enough to offer visibility. The gear is only limited to desert or woodland usage and nothing more. A little pricey compared to other options. The larger amount of strings make it difficult to untangle right out of the box. Best snow ghillie suit "Red Rock Outdoor" Gear - Ghillie Suit 5-Piece Ghillie Suit includes: jacket, hood, pants, gun wrap, and... Easy On/Off: Elastic pant waist with drawstring; Elastic jacket cuffs;... Stitched opening in ghillie pants and jacket allows access to pockets... Available Sizes: M/L (Chest 42”- 48”; Waist 32” - 38”)... Lightweight and breathable polyester construction; 98% polyester 2%... Check Price The Red Rock "Gear Ghillie Suit" is the standard hunting gear available in the market. This cheap ghillie suit comes with five pieces which includes; the jacket, pants, a staff sack and a riffle wrap. The gear is elastic at the waist making it comfortable for both skinny and bodied users. It’s available in three camouflage options which convert it into a snow ghillie suit, a woodland gear and desert sniper suit all at the same time. The snap enclosures on the waist covers the entire body including the boots while the riffle wrap covers an average sized short gun or riffle without any problem. The Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit is made of 98% polyester, 2% spandex and is available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes. Pros The Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit is very cheap and affordable to every type of user. The inner shell of this cheap ghillie suit is composed of nylon netting which is not only lightweight but also shields the sniper from direct heat. The desert, snow and woodland camouflage makes this combat gear suitable to most vegetations and environments. This sniper gear looks great and comes with different sizes for all types of users. Cons The entire garment doesn’t fully cover the boots well when standing. This cheap ghillie suit is not made of top notch polyester material. There are gaps in the material which may turn to be a weak point during combat. Ghillie Suit Buyers Guide 2020 How do you choose a ghillie suit that best meets your needs? Here are some of the things you should consider: What is the reputation of the manufacturer? These days, because of the popularity of ghillie suits among mainstream buyers outside of the military, there are many companies making these camouflage outfits. But not all of them will provide high quality suits. So you have to choose which one you will buy from carefully. Among the things to consider are: How long has the company been in business? What line of business are they in? They should specialize in making ghillie suits or in outdoor gear in the camouflage niche. How comprehensive is the listing for their products? The listing should at the minimum include what materials the suit is made from as well as color photos. You should have a good idea of what you are going to get if you should choose to purchase their suit. What claims do they make? If the listing includes statements such as “used by Navy Seals or special forces” or “designed by ex-special forces”, you should be wary. A high-quality ghillie suit will sell on its own merits and does not need extra hype. What do the reviews say? Read both positive and negative reviews to get an idea of the quality of the product, how satisfied buyers were with it and how the company responds to complaints. Where will the ghillie suit be used and for what purpose? This will help you choose what options so that you can buy the suit that best blends into the environment in which it will be used. If you are planning to use the suit for activities such as paintball or hunting, where you will be required to move around a lot, choose one that is made with synthetic materials such as nylon since it is lighter. If you are engaged in an activity where you will remain stationary for long periods of time, such as waiting for prey to emerge, consider natural materials such as jute. However, you may want to consider a synthetic suit anyway, since it has many advantages. Aside from being lighter, it is also more durable and safer since it can be fire-retardant and water repellant. Keep in mind that when suits get wet, it can greatly add to their weight and make it more uncomfortable to wear. What level of camouflage do you need? Think about how much of your body you need to conceal. If you will stay mostly stationary when wearing the suit, then an outfit that includes only the jacket may be enough for your needs. But if you will move around a lot, then you will need additional concealment and you should choose a suit that also includes pants. In addition, if you are carrying a firearm that needs to be concealed, the outfit should also come with a gun bag or wrap. This is like a ghillie suit for the firearm that breaks up its straight lines and prevents them from being detected. How much does the suit weigh? The majority of ghillie suits sold weigh around five pounds. While this does not sound like much, when you walk around wearing the suit, it can be tiring after a while. Another consideration is how far you have to walk to get to the place where you will use the suit. Even though these suits are designed to be light and easy to wear, you still don’t want to walk long distances while wearing it. How easy is the suit to put on? The ghillie suit should be made with fastenings that are easy to close so that you won’t waste a lot of time putting it on. It should also be adjustable so that it is more comfortable to wear and less constricting. The best suits provide you with easy access to the clothing you wear underneath, which makes layering possible. How much does it cost? A good quality ghillie suit can be bought for a competitive price that is not too prohibitive. If a suit is too cheap, then it may not provide the required level of concealment or wear out easily. Conclusion The sniper ghillie suit is available in the market in various sizes, materials and colors. Through reading this article, I believe that you’ve understood how to choose the best gear which will suit the environment. Through reviewing two of the best woodland ghillie suits, the Ghost Ghillie Suit Advanced 3D Camo is the best in the category due to its design and high-quality fabric which is durable and able to withstand adverse weather conditions. The green, black, tan, brown and unique dry grass colors make this combat gear ideal for desert and woodland use. The Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit is also nice sniper gear which is available in the market at an affordable price. The suit is made of breathable polyester material which is lightweight and easy to stitch. The best thing about this cheap ghillie suit is that it can be used as a woodland, snow and desert ghillie suit at the same time. With such an in-depth review at your disposal, it’s upon you to choose the best ghillie suit which you believe will suit your needs. With some of the cheapest options available in the market, don’t hesitate to maneuver around and make your purchase before you get spotted! Contents In A Hurry? This Is The Best: How to choose the best sniper ghillie suit How will the ghillie suit be used? Type of the outer material Color pattern Find The "Best Ghillie Suit" for the Money 2020 Advanced 3D Camo Best snow ghillie suit "Ghillie Suit Buyers" Guide 2020 Conclusion


A paddle holster is just an OWB holster combined with a paddle for an easy and secure attachment to your waistband. To use a paddle holster properly and effectively, you must learn how to wear it and make proper adjustments so it stays comfortable and ready. You must also know the advantages and disadvantages of using a paddle holster, so it may help you decide when to use it and when not.